Rubber Stamping and Scrapbooking will Bring the Family Together During The Holidays

December 13th, 2022 by dayat Leave a reply »

No matter what celebration you and your family will rejoice in this holiday season, the common thread is family unity and the joy of sharing in the relationships with others.

Remembering the past is always an important part when bringing the family together. It is important to reflect on the fun times we have as a family, and those not with us anymore.

Technology lets us organize out memories better than ever before. With computers, digital photography and video, there are simple ways to get the kids involved with preserving the past.

The kids are at home for their winter break, and like mine, they are probably bored. Putting together a scrapbook is a great task to keep them busy with a good project. This can be done before and after the holidays. By taking lots of pictures, they will be able to assemble them in their book. It is fun to add their own twist with colored pencils and markers, or rubber stamps and crafting scissors.

Perhaps, they will be able to create gifts for others. Grandparents always like a homemade picture frame from their grandchildren.

Crafting and scrapbooking may introduce your children, and yourself, to a lifelong hobby. This simple start may lead to many other projects along the way.

Obtaining crafting supplies is quite easy and inexpensive. Blank scrapbooks may be a good start and they are pretty cheap to buy. Paper, glue, scissors, and tape won’t set you too far back either. There’s a craft and scrapbooking store probably around the corner from your house.


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